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Are you covered? Are you ready for the New Year?

A combination of prevention and protection can go a long way in making seasonal transitions for homeowners as stress free as possible.

Cold weather, snowstorms, and everything else the winter months have to offer are here and being prepared is an important step to staying out of harm's way.

In The Colder Winter Months:

  • Check the Exterior Doors, Windows, & Ventilation Ducts for any cold air leaks - a little bit of caulk / insulation can go a long in lowering energy bills
  • Inspect Gutters & Downspouts to make sure there are no leaks or gaps in addition to making sure water is routed away from the foundation
  • Examine Furnace / Replace Furnace Filter regularly
  • Inspect Fireplace for cracks and make sure it is free of nests from birds, squirrels, or other animals
  • Inspect interior plumbing for any leaks & insulate any exposed lines. Make sure exterior faucets are shut off correctly
  • Check batteries in Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors. Make sure you have a working Fire Extinguisher in the home

    Spring and summer are right around the corner & can be a beautiful time of year. It can also bring heavy rainfall and strong winds.

    In Preparation for Spring & Summer Months:

  • Examine your roof / siding for any signs of leaks or water damage as well as any missing shingles
  • Make sure your sump pump is in good working order
  • Inspect trees for broken limbs or potential hazards
  • Inspect Furnace
  • Inspect your foundation and check that the ground around the foundation slopes away from the house (about 1 inch per foot) for proper drainage
  • Make sure your air conditioner is in good working order, and free of debris that blocks airflow

    Check your home insurance policy to see if you have any or the proper amount of coverage for water backup. Water damage to a finished basement can get costly. Knowing exactly how much coverage you need is best determined by talking personally with your Yes Insurance agent today!

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